Happy Thoughts Foundation believes in simplicity and productivity.

Conviction leads the way!


Our Journey

  • 2010Happy Thoughts Foundation was established

    The Foundation was established at New Delhi with motive of Happy and Holy Thoughts. At the time of its birth only two people came forward and worked together to accomplish a mission.
  • 2012Introduction of teams

    The level of the company increased with 25 skilled people working in different areas and enjoying the status of solution in the field of training. They all had one mission - "To help people learn to appreciate life and inculcate in them, respect to our environment."
  • 2014Formal Training Sessions on various themes

    Objectives resulted in successful training sessions and exercise oriented workshops. This called for sincere involvement of participants. There is accomplishment in every step with the journey still continuing with good endeavor.
  • 2016Joining with academicians

    Began training people in core academic areas and stretching out arms to benefit HR staff and eminent academicians. The domain covers the future of our country, especially for professional studies. Soft skill development is a requisite to shoulder responsibilities and achieve success in a team.
  • 2017Training sessions across India

    Now apart from New Delhi, The Happy Thoughts Foundation has expanded with true values in the form of training and learning. From Mumbai to Pune, Nagpur, Bangaluru, Jodhpur, Patna and Ranchi - creative learning sessions and training workshops have been conducted.


We conduct training programs and workshops on various topics

Milestones so far



On various themes such as Team Building, Effective Leadership, Professional Ethics, Creative Thinking, Task Management, Goal Setting etc.


Motivational talks with meaningful presentation on 'Preparation for Professional Life', 'Importance of Lifelong Research', 'One idea-Many possibilities', 'Overcoming Conflict' etc.

Happy Thinkers

Interacted with over 2500 students and professionals from various fields and cities through workshops, seminars and guidance.