A purpose to fulfil…

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March 9, 2017
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April 15, 2017

A purpose to fulfil…

We live not by expectations but by intentions.
Every day we wake with a purpose and act or perform tasks to fulfil that purpose.
But if an ant is burdened with a heavy crumb it cannot move quickly and reach its destination.

We too are bogged down by heavy crumbs of expectations. This affects not just our actions but even our thought process, disabling us from remembering the purpose we had or developing a new intention.
Instead of giving up or running away from problems and failure, we can swing or skate across smoothly as long as we are able to stop the burden from resting on us.

Just as a candle lets go of wax…
We need to burn constantly while we see our life melting …
and as we burn…
light many more candles to keep the flame alive even after we are gone.

Do you have a purpose?
Are you spreading the flame of hope?

Think well…Stay Happy!

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