Any Questions? :)

A duty to perform
October 27, 2016
Training session on ‘Overcome fear of exam’ at SM Academy, Thane
November 29, 2016

Any Questions? :)


After my lecture I urged students to ask questions in a school at a small town – Dehradoon, India.
There was complete silence for a while as I was waiting for queries.
After observing a long silence I decided to ask relevant questions to the students present in the class.
I was sure that there might be some questions in their minds, but they were hesitant.
I was not surprised that very few could reply with correct answers.

Similar things happen in our life.
This world would never come to know the solution unless a question is being asked.
People can’t find a solution unless they analyse the problem.
This is the winning edge.
It is pretty important to ask questions and chase them.

Think Well, Stay Happy.

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