A duty to perform

A legacy of joy, not of disputes
October 16, 2016
Any Questions? :)
November 16, 2016

A duty to perform

During our former President, Dr. APJ Kalam’s visit to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he was passing by after an event was over. There were media persons waiting for him to talk. When Dr. Kalam came to know about this, he interacted with them and said, “Oh! so you all want to talk to me! Then first please put all your cameras off”.

The media persons hesitated for a moment, but then switched off the cameras. Dr. Kalam started saying, “I wish to offer you all a free partnership”.Every one present there  was eager to know about this free partnership!

Suddenly someone asked,”What is that free thing sir?”
He said, “Be a partner in the progress of your nation.
Be a partner in the progress of your family, spouse, children, society… and into every thing where you belong to. This
this partnership is available for FREE to all present at this place”.

This was a completely new learning experience for media persons that day.
Think Well, Stay Happy!!!

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